Help, NOT help…

Right. Prize to person who can help me sleep?…Been to doctor today, prescribed benzos for short term – taken twice the prescribed amount – can I sleep??? NOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo………. Can walk funny though……….


5 thoughts on “Help, NOT help…

    1. Yeah – benzos and alchohol – the two things you can’t just ‘stop’ – not without risk of fits/death anyway. My partner is trying to wean herself of diazapam too. 14 years of anxiety/panic attacks – not easy.

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      1. Hell! …if she has any helpful tips on the weaning process?? I’m pretty sure they exasperate anxiety and panic too…long term, or that’s what I found anyways. Mongrel things…but have been two of my bestest friends in years past.


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