Depression, EUPD, Invisible Illness, Mania, Mental Health, Undiagnosed Illness


The things all people say...

 “Good Morning?”

Do you REALLY want to know?

“How’s it going?”

Downhill rapidly

“You alright mate?

Not really

Have you ever given anyone the REAL answer to any of the stupid questions we all greet each other with every day of our lives?

I have.

It’s one of my favorite (and cheapest) pastimes. I get great amusement in watching people’s reaction when I actually honestly answer the question they very soon regret ever asking.

Well, it’s your own fault

Ask me no (stoopid) questions, I’ll tell you no lies.

Because my HONEST answer (most mornings) tends to be

“Well… I’m pretty fucked off actually.”

“I’m still alive for starters. I find almost no pleasure or satisfaction in ANYTHING I have to do or just do out of habit like an emotionless lump of meat. I see absolutely no point in wasting resources by continuing to breathe.”

Note to self – Is this getting a bit self-pitying??? (Boring?)

Note to reader – If you fancy playing this game, your local GP’s surgery waiting room is the ideal place to start…. Think about it…..


2 thoughts on “Depression

  1. When I used to visit the supermarket…their 2 scripted questions were, ‘how are you’ and ‘hows your day been’, always in quick succession of each other – they weren’t really interested. I think my most pleasurable answer one day went something like … ‘ I’m crap, thanks for asking…I started the day with a pap smear…and you ‘. The lady dropped the eggs and went silent…after an actual thought, she replied…’ahhh I think Im good thanks’. 😉

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