General Humour, Hospital, Mental Health

Sleeping With Nurses…

“Nurse Knows Best”

Color Key

Black = Male Nurse Speaking

Red = Me Thinking

Blue = Me Speaking

White Space = Male Nurse Thinking


  • (Nurse) 4:10am “How are you sleeping?” WTF? It’s 4:10!
  • “I’m having bad dreams, I can’t sleep”
  • 4:11am “Have you tried having a good dream to chase the bad ones away?” SERIOUSLY?> WTF?
  • 4:20am “You shouldn’t be awake, it’s not good for you. Try to sleep.”
  • “My meds cause insomnia. Can you give me something to help knock me out?”
  • “No, there’s nothing prescribed and the doctor is busy.”
  • 4.30am Try having a hot shower to relax yourself” (he winks)
  • SERIOUSLY? > You’re telling me to have a wank? WTF?
  • 4:36am “Have you tried relaxing?” (Winks again)
  • WTF? What is it with you and wanking?
  • 4:39am “You should try lying on your bed, closing your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly and think of relaxing things”

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