General Humour

It was a total eclipse of the….

Sweet FA as it turns out…

Facebook has been hilarious this morning. Never has so little been seen by so many and commented on.

For me though, the eclipse has been overshadowed by the news coming out of Tunisia.

Tourists from Japan, Colombia, Australia, the UK, and several other European countries were killed in the attack and more than 40 people were injured.

Why aren’t all these countries combining forces to wipe these idiots off the face of the earth? They’re doing everything imaginable to provoke a response – I say we give them one, a very big one…

And by “we” I mean every country on earth – ISIS is not a country, they’re a bunch of mis-guided bullies who need a good slap. But just like parents won’t slap their children, our governments seem too scared to say boo to them.

Send in the SAS, Army, Marines, SEAL’s combined navies and air forces – Fuck it, send in The Avengers but please someone do something?


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