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The Three Stages of Adapting to Life on a Mental Ward…

  1. Realising everyone there IS crazy!
  2. Making friends to counter isolation, fear & loneliness
  3. Accepting your own craziness

Depending on who you are, how you behave and what meds you’re given; your “group” will very quickly become apparent.

N.B. Crazy DOES NOT = Stupid….

You get your confused people, the loners, the self-harmers, the other-harmers, laughers/gigglers, OCD counters and alarm button clickers. The manics (Both euphoric AND depressive). The OCD’ers, the shitters, pissers and pukers AND the chess or Scrabble players. Don’t forget the staff abusers and arse-lickers too…

Of course these definitions are NOT definitive. There’s a lot of Pick N’ Mix too…

 So, no need to worry – you WILL find someone to talk to and play dominos with. 😉


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