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Anti-Psychotic Medications Pt.II

Oral, Aural and visual distortions.

Your average mental health ward holds an incredible mix of people.
They all have differing conditions and almost all are being fed a melange of psycho-active drugs including mood enhancers, mood stabilisers, mood inhibitors, uppers, downers, Acidity regulators (E330, E331), flavouring and colour (E100).
I tweeted Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood – apparently this IS the perfect recipe for Fruit Cake…
Hearing sometimes take a vacation

“Are you Muslim mate?”
“Am I wot? I’m fucking Irish you cheeky twat!”
Short-term memory sometimes joins hearing and comprehension for a three up…

Nurse: How are you feeling today Tom?
Tom: Quite happy actually!
Nurse: That’s nice. Why do think that is?
Tom: Why do I think what is?
Nurse: That you’re happy today?
Tom: Who the fuck said I was happy?
Nurse: You did, just now.
Tom: Who the fuck are you?


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