EUPD, General Humour, Intimacy, Mental Health

So I can hear you saying…

“Carl, your experiences with CAT is obviously VERY interesting but what about the cats?”

Animals have always liked me. Dunno why. Even if I don’t like them they still don’t get the message and hang around.

I love cats and dogs equally but that’s probably because I have a slightly split personality. I also loved Spunky, my green water dragon but that’ll have to be another blog.

My EUPD means I don’t respond well to criticism or being ignored so my relationship with cats is usually quite a battle of wills. I’ll either treat them with equal disdain or force my affection on them. I’m usually bigger and stronger and after a spell in hospital have longer claws too.

We currently have two cats, a mother and son team called Dolly and Twig-Twog (Twiggers). Twigs is my personal favorite. He was still-born and consequently looks a bit like a twig and is boss-eyed and generally a bit of a spaz. He’s scared of EVERYTHING, including my coat, and will leg it out of the cat-flap for no reason at any time. His other nickname is Scarper.

Daisy is next doors cat. The only one in the area Twigs hasn’t impregnated. He knows his onions even though I have to take him to get that sorted. I’m putting it off as long as possible. Poor little sod hasn’t got much else going for him.

Dolly is Twiggers mum. She’s basically a Tribble.


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