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“Funny” Doctors

I met with my new psychiatrist yesterday – “Dr John” (I suggested he could call me “Mr Carl”…)

We had a long discussion, over an hour, talking about my history, feelings, events leading up to my hospitalisation earlier this year etc.

The big topic was that although my new medications are working wonders, they are also causing insomnia (possibly) and this is making me angry and volatile through tiredness.

We discussed possible strategies for dealing with the problem and I have been prescribed very srong sleeping tablets as a short-term solution but we both agreed that this is not a viable solution in the long-term.

We agreed to reconvene after Easter and Dr John’s parting remark was

“It was good to meet you Carl. Todays been very constructive and we’ve covered a lot of ground. There’s a lot to consider and I think it would be good for you to sleep on it….”

Sleep on it???? Thanks Dr Genius….


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