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Racism and homophobia in SE London is running rife…

My partner is a 36 year old white British woman from Wiltshire.

She’s been living with me in Peckham for over two years.

She has HIV and despite receiving excellent medical care from KCH in Denmark Hill (the one in 24 Hours in A&E), she has struggled to find any local support groups in order to meet with fellow sufferers.

Support groups are vital for people dealing with life-threatening or serious conditions. E.g. Mental Health, Cancer etc.

Within the SE London population of several million people there ARE numerous groups for HIV sufferers but she has been denied access to all of them….


She’s not black and/or African or a drug user or a gay man/woman. She’s also not single looking for a partner.

Is this fair?

Thoughts on a postcard…


2 thoughts on “Racism and homophobia in SE London is running rife…

  1. As Carls partner…I should point out that there actually are no support groups at all for gay women – only gay men, which makes up the majority of support groups in the ‘hiv community’ – also very unfair, why is ANYONE discriminated against in this day and age? Support groups very welcome to answer my question…although it’s doubtfull they will!

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