I love condiments – salt, pepper, mayo, mustard, chili sauce, Peri-Peri, any vinegar, soy sauce, hollandaise, bernaise, apple, mint – literallty anything – the more the merrier.

Many “foodies” will not appreciate this sentiment – sod em.

Ironically the one condiment I can happly live without is tomato sauce! Now I bet that will cause some consternation.

As a “client” on a mental ward the dining room is a major focal point of your stay.

There the condiment is king. Why?

Not only is the food very average and quite bland but meds can alter your senses of taste, sight and smell. (All to the benefit of the catering contractors). Ergo, salt, pepper, vinegar, mayonnaise etc. are worth their weight.

Mind you, having said that, anyone who eats regularly at a fried chicken “boutique” must (by the condiment definition) be mentally ill too – Check out this photo from Peckham


Bearing in mind that some of the people in Mental Health Wards are a little “peculiar”, I saw fights break out over salad cream sachets because they wanted to draw “smiley” faces on the tables with them (despite the fact that therapeutic art classes were available…

scary smile

Healthy activity? Trust me, if the sachets weren’t there you would witness just how much damage could be done with plastic cutlery…


One thought on “Is a meal without condiments worth eating?

  1. Lol…I used to work in a kiddies lock up aka ‘residential centre’ pfft. …and yes, a huge amount of damage can be done with plastic cutlery! There are also some pretty in genius uses…eg unlocking doors, engraving names on metal walls, prizing open locked windows and setting off fire alarms 😁 Descent food and assorted condiments would have solved hours of searches, paper work and repairs!

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