Cosplay, General Humour, Mania

Being mad AND bad is fun…

Cosplay gives mad people the perfect opportunity to be “Bad”.

At comic con events you see people putting incredible effort into their costumes as “Super Villains”.

The Jokers outnumber the Batmen. The Harley Quinns vastly outgun the Wonder Women…

Why? It’s just more fun! We’re all under pressure in our normal lives to be law-abiding citizens, pay our rent/mortgages/taxes/recycle/maintain our credit rating etc.

Why not dress up and be a bit “naughty” for a day or two?

Get youself a toy gun or sword and pretend to slay a “Hero”…Bat yawn

“Problem Child” – AC/DC

I’m hot, and when I’m not
I’m cold as ice
Get out of my way
Just Step aside
Or pay the price

What I want I take
What I don’t I break
And I don’t want you
With a flick of my knife
I can change your life
There’s nothing you can do

I’m a problem child
I’m a problem child, yes I am
I’m a problem child
And I’m wild


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