General Humour, Hospital, Mental Health

The Problems You Have When You’re Not Allowed to Play with Sharp Things (Bladed Articles)

When you are admitted to a mental ward (Either informally or under Section) you WILL find a lot of your personal liberties & things you take for granted disappearing.

After 4-5 weeks and 4 different hospitals (being watched constantly) I found myself looking a little like this…

SO! Personal hygiene and appearance is one thing that suffers. My toenails grew so long I got blisters on my heels because my shoes were so tight.

You’re not allowed to use nail clippers and nurses can’t help you so you have to get a referral to a chiropodist – good luck with that.

* Hospital food and plastic cutlery – Nah. Better off using the tools now growing at the end of your fingers and toes…

* You can’t stab anyone. And trust me. After even just a few days locked in with a bunch of nutters stabbing someone would be VERY cathartic!

* Someone else has to shave you and it’s just not the same… (Especially “down there”)

* You have NOTHING to keep the spiders off you!!!!!!!

spider 2


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