Bloody am now. Doing online surveys and competitions in an attempt to earn/win cash/goods to sell. Possibly the most soul-destroying thing I’ve ever had to put myself through.

Why am I doing this? – Well I’ve been signed off work for medical reasons and the amount of benefits you can get these days barely keeps our two cats fed let alone us.

Still you never know – may win something and then it’ll be blogging from a beach somewhere (Southend maybe?) 😉

Still, I shall stick at it. Being realistic, SOMEONE wins these prizes!

N.B. If anyone feels “triggered” by the photo – It IS for sale at a very reasonable price….


3 thoughts on “Remember I said I wasn’t depressed earlier?

  1. Hey Me. Things aren’t quite so dark now. Meds are working and financial situation improving (gradually) still waiting to do assessment for PIP but if that goes well then we won’t have to sell the cats. 😉

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  2. Sorry to hear…I was medically discharged 5 years ago…I did surveys…which are shit…apparently I don’t buy enough crap to fit into their survey categories…ah duh…you can’t buy crap with no money! Then I sold anything i owned worth value…except my nans tea set and my chuck Taylors. ..somethings are sacred right! Then I tried to sell my art….apparently if I sh-uzzed them up abit and made them ‘less dark’ I mite have had more success in selling them. So I hope for your sake, your ‘trigger’ picture sold and your rich now 😉

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