Sometimes the muse leaves you…

The terror of the blank page… blah blah

The fear that inspiration will never return…. blah blah

The panic that your well has run dry…blah, again, blah

Well, I have NOTHING! ZILCH! SWEET FA! – so I’m going to write about things that aren’t inspirational at all and see how long you can take it…. 😉

The big debate in the house today is 1) how to make money and 2) how to spend it.

1. has basically boiled down to what we can and/or are prepared to sell – having some success already with items found in the shed and our wardrobes being advertised on Gumtree. The other solution being me entering competitions online (yawn) and taking surveys (coma).

2. Is a recipe for disaster. One of us thinks that food, utilities, makeup etc. is more important whilst the other really wants some model gun kits from Japan and some mobile phone credit and to keep Spotify Premium live.

What would’ve really cheered me up today would have been flying my helicopter but it’s been far too windy – I have no idea how Prince William does it (His is bigger though…)

I’ve recently rediscovered MAME32 and have been trying to conquer R-Type and Galaxians again – just not the same without a proper joystick and buttons with fag-burns on them though. At least I can give myself unlimited credits….

Still with me?

Apparently the “best” length for a blog entry is approx. 1000 words.



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