My Future, My Past, My Present

Fools Day Blog – Part One

Been struggling with thinking what to write today. Obviously it’s April Fools Day and it’s my birthday on Friday (the 3rd) I was actually due to have an operation today (of all days) to remove my Gall Bladder. That’s been moved to the 7th though – Phew??? Got me thinking about my body and mind and it’s various trials and tribulations over the years so I’m going to give you a list and see if you think I’m  –

  1. Unlucky
  2. Stupid
  3. Clumsy
  4. All of the above….
  • 03/04/68 2:30pm – Dragged kicking and screaming, with forceps, into this world after 24 hours of an extremely difficult labour. Apparently I was a “posterior” delivery which is difficult and painful for both mother and baby.


  • A couple of months after the “trauma” of being born I was circumcised due to my foreskin being “too tight” – make of that what you will.


  • 3 Years old – cracked head open on corner of coffee table. Still got cool scar above right eye. No blame to be laid.
  • 7 Years old – Tonsils taken out – Ice-cream & toy tank – Result!
  • 11Years old – taken for a “let off steam” session in Richmond Park (“FENTON!”) before a long drive to our new home in the Midlands. Ran into a “Swingboat” and scalped myself – permanent V-shaped scar at front of head as result.


  • 13 Years old – fractured wrist falling off bike in icy weather. Was returning from purchasing Kiss picture disc so probably deserved it…
  • 1988 (20 Years old) – diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Really, really, really shit. Have now injected myself nearly 55,000 times to stay alive.

More to come in Part Two….


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