My Future, My Past, My Present

Fools Day Blog – Part Three (Spiders and Misc.)

Well here we are. Nearly at the end of my “Fools Day” Trilogy of mishaps.

It may seem a bit lame (it certainly did to me just re-reading it)  BUT I did leave a lot out. Addiction issues, drug & alcohol dependency, mental health issues including suicide and self-harm etc. and lots of other unpalatable stuff.

HOWEVER! I promised spiders and spiders you shall have.

September 2014 – Awoke one morning to intense pain on right side of face, particulary around my right eye. Spider spotted (and hoovered up) by partner the next day. Pain intensifies and month of agony ensues.

The bugger was a False Widow

widow spider2 spider3 spiderbite

That’s it for now – I shall probably revisit at some point and embellish but it’s late and my meds (and spider poison are kicking in. TTFN. xxx


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