General Humour, My Present

No cashitis…

A very serious condition that affects many people but most importantly is affecting me very seriously at the moment.

Oh what to do?

I could sell my body but wear and tear has depreciated its value considerably.

Sell someone elses body? Tempting but the freezer is full and I’ve run out of jars….

Been entering every competition I can find and taking every survey available but it’s eroding the little piece of soul I have left…

Theft? My fingerprints and DNA are on record – dammit…

I can hear you saying….

“Get a bloody job you lazy bastard…”

Easier said than done – I’m “officially” signed off work due to health conditions. I “could” work but I’m loathe to put my housing benefit at risk. I’ve been homeless before and it’s no fun despite what you may have heard.


I’m going to continue with this “creative” stuff. They say everyone has a book in them – I’m pretty sure mine is up my arse but I shall carry on pumping this stuff out and try to get “discovered”.


Just call me Yosser….


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