Insomnia has struck again. The creative bug is laying eggs in my brain and the itching of new ideas is starting to drive my synapses crazy.

The problem with insomnia and being a person of “unstable” temperament is that living in a “domestic” environment with partners, neighbours etc. all around means that I cannot let the hound off the leash.

Of course I have this blogging outlet but it’s not as fulfilling as angle-grinding metal, cranking a guitar, banging nails into things or even just punching a bag with Rammstein at full volume.

I’ve tried walking (with the MP3 blasting naturally) the dark streets but the reckless part of me is always hoping for something “dangerous” to happen. People usually cross the road rather than try to mug me though. I project an “attitude” apparently.

Life does not consist mainly – or even largely – of facts and happenings. It consists mainly of the storm of thoughts that are forever blowing through one’s mind – Mark Twain

My own “storm of thoughts” is threatening to become a maelstrom and I’m welcoming it – this year is going to be one when I shine.

I’m incredibly happy to have re-connected with Adam, a kindred soul, today. Even insane people need friends that can push them to become more than they are. My unfocused mind needs even more chaos and weirdness than it produces itself. From that whirlwind will come things that will inspire, terrify, shock and make people gasp with awe.

Hopefully, it will make us rich too…. 😉


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