Proximity and Intimacy

A long-medium stay on a hospital ward is generally routine and CAN be very dull.

However a lot of the boredom gets relieved as your relationships with your fellow “inmates” develop and the social boundaries start to slip.

(“Inmates” includes patients AND staff)

Farting, burping, swearing, graphic details of sexual life/details/preferences etc. all come to light. It’s amazing what total strangers will tell each other. – It’s also a bit scary what tattoos you see….

Yesterday I had my genitals seen and felt by FOUR different nurses and doctors – all female. Did I feel an ounce of shame? No…

Why? I hear you ask…Hospital gowns are made from a special material that prevents people from seeing the “real” you. A bit like a Harry Potter cloak of “Idon’treallylooklikethisness”

Why did they need examining? Well, they had swollen (but not in a good way) – turns out various liquids can “migrate” down into that area after surgery.

You’ll be glad to hear that they’ve now returned to normal.

Intimacy on a Mental Health ward can be a completely different kettle of fish. – I shall write more on that later…


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