Mental Health

Intimacy in a Mental Hospital – not for those with weak stomachs…

Intimacy on a Mental Health Ward (MHW) is a completely different kettle of fish to that experienced on a normal medical ward.

For starters, inmates have very little regard, understanding or knowledge of the concept of “boundaries”. Very many also have very poor or no control over their bodily functions (Voluntarily or not)


Intimacy on a normal medical ward generally develops over a fairly short period of time, a lot of it brought about by the fact that ward “Clothing” (I use the term “clothing” very loosely) tends to be quite loose and revealing and the fact that people are rarely feeling their best means that they soon cease to care who sees what. There’s also the fact that they’re asked to expose various parts of their anatomy to people of both sexes numerous times a day.

There is one very important rule that despite your strongest desire NOT to see or smell certain things you MUST always obey –

NEVER, EVER turn your back….

If you do, you may very soon find something on it that you really wouldn’t want to…

Now I could write at length about elderly men dropping their pants in the TV Room and masturbating but I shan’t…

I could describe how people will masticate their food then spit it back on their plates, cover it in salad cream then re-eat it – but I shan’t…

I could talk about the toilets but then I won’t stop screaming…

I will talk about something in my next blog relating to how it’s possible for intimacy to even make an iPhone the stuff of nightmares. And that thing is called “RAYMOND”…. You have been warned…


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