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Changing Yourself…

I used to change myself all the time – new hair, new tattoos, new piercings – didn’t matter – ANYTHING to look different and therefore feel better… Haven’t done anything for years though due to extreme depression and undiagnosed EUPD. Felling better now and just gone from green to blonde to red in the space of a couple of weeks – AND I FEEL GREAT! I’m sure a lot of you feel exactly the same when you get a new pair of shoes or clothing or hair-cut. Changing something (anything) is extremely cathartic. I’m now extremely regretting denying myself that joy for so many years and living in bland land hoping NOT to be spotted. HOWEVER, the OLD Carl is back… Watch out for him, you won’t be able to miss him although you may not recognise hime at first glance…


band mohawk cool17837_278309292906_2363537_n gay 80s grumpy high jewish Koker 184077_10150280130084291_8301992_n198713_10150408959442907_3527843_n284595_10150404054102907_4581261_n375785_10150564167702907_2023946301_n542543_10151118668947454_187712062_n10432968_10152678478692454_3062992410357832492_nhalloweeny pink shaggy square tough


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