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What to do when life kicks you in the ass?

Kick it back?

Give up?

Ignore it?

Ask for help?

Of course all of the above are valid but dependant on your attitude/capability/mental state…. At the moment I don’t feel capable of achieving any of them.

I have no inspiration in me today nor desire to tell you what’s troubling me but I did make a promise to myself to try to make at least one blog entry per day when possible.

Mark Twain (I’m a huge fan) said – “The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up”

So here’s my favourite (only) camel joke…

A man needs to transport a large number of carpets across the desert so buys a camel. Knowing it needs to be well-watered before attempting the journey he takes it to the local oasis.

Try as might for hours he cannot get the camel to drink. Exhausted, he collapses next to an old man who has been watching the “show” with great amusement.

“I can help you”, the old man says – “But it wil cost you a carpet”

“Deal!” replies the man, “What do I need to do?”

“Just hold the camels head in the water – I will do the rest”

The man does as told and the old man selects two flat rocks and goes to the camels rear (It should be noted it’s a male camel)

“WHACK!” – the old man cracks the camels testicles between the rocks.

There is a great sucking sound and the level of water in the oasis goes down an inch.

“Whack! Whack!” – the camel is now fully bloated and sinks gratefully to it’s knees. The man loads his carpets securely onto it and gives his finest one to the old man.

“I can’t thank you enough but tell me – doesn’t it hurt?”

“No, no” – the old man shakes his head – “You just have to be careful not to catch your fingers…”


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