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Don’t worry….

If you think the next line is going to be “Be Happy” – you’re wrong….

This isn’t going to another dark, depressed blog. Yes, I’m still depressed, yes, I’m still deeply unhappy – I just thought I’d give you my thoughts on worrying.

My opinion on worrying is very simple – “There’s no point”.

Gold Tooth: King Willie says, not only do I have to kill you, but I have to take your soul. Voodoo magic. Fucking voodoo magic, man! [laughs] But you know what? I tell you what I believe – shit happens.

Indeed – one of my favourite quotes from Predator 2 – “Shit happens” – yes it does, and try as you might, sometimes you just can’t avoid it.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try – you still have ability, free will – you can make choices and you can “Be Prepared” (Yes, I was a boy scout) – but the understanding that sometimes “Shit Happens”, will also stand you in good stead.

It’s how you deal with the “shit” when it “happens” that will make you a survivor. A lot of people call me a “survivor” and a “fighter” – the only reason I have for believing that must be correct is that I’m still here….

Make of this “philosophy” what you will – fight, survive, be happy whenever you can and when the “shit happens” – just shit right back on it….


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