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If only life were like Porridge…

Porridge is funny – the TV programme – not the cereal.

Fletcher and Godber are funny – despite their desperate situation there are always humourous moments…

Fletch: One can’t help noticing a change in your old lady’s attitude of late.

Barrowclough: How can you tell that?

Fletch: Oh, little things, like the certain smile that plays around your lips when you’re telling us to slop out.

Barrowclough: What sort of smile?

Fletch: The smile of a man who’s getting his oats!

Sorry – obviously getting too much into my theme for today….

Mental Health Illness is a lot like prison – you feel helpless, your freedom is restricted (by the walls of your mind, not physical ones). At least in prison you can resent the guards, your fellow inmates, your restriction of rights and privileges etc.

With mental illness the only thing you can resent is yourself….

As like prison, mental illness is also a waiting game. You’re counting the days, waiting for the right medication, the right doctor, the right insight that will change your life – waiting for the doors to be opened and your freedom returned to you.

It can be a long wait and each day that passes just waiting feels like a day wasted….

I struggle with writing this blog every day as I’m not in a “manic” phase at the moment, I’m in a depressive state. However I persevere as I’m hoping something creative and interesting and successful will come out of it eventually…

Barrowclough: You’re writing a book?

Fletch: Yeah – a sort of inside guide to prison life. But don’t worry, I’ve not overlooked your boys in blue – I will be dealing just as much with your issues as those of our fellow felons.

Barrowclough: Oh, good. And what are you going to call this book?

Fletch: Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down.



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