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Why I think everyone on Facebook is….






Sorry people, a little bit of my “pizzaz” seems to be coming back and I found myself wondering how many people would view this blog if I threw a provocative title in the mix?

For those of you that don’t blog, you get constantly updated stats on how many people have viewed, liked or follow your writings.

As a writer, this is irresistible to watch and the results a=can energise you or throw you into the depths of despair.

Comparatively speaking, it’s a little like seeing whether your status updates on Facebook get comments or likes or if it gets no response whatsoever (and what a bummer is that!?!)

Part of my condition means I crave attention – I try my hardest (most of the time) – to try and deserve it.

Some people have criticised me for not making my pieces long enough – that’s why I try to do at least two a day. I quite often finding myself running out of steam or if feeling “down”, heading into misery and self-pity. That’s not what I want to acheive, I want to provoke, emote and above all entertain and amuse.

Our opinions do not really blossom into fruition until we have expressed them to someone else. – Mark Twain

Please accept my apologies if you feel I’ve tricked you into reading this – actually don’t – just keep reading – there’s some good stuff coming.

Love, Carl xxx


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