Depression, EUPD, Invisible Illness, Mania, Mental Health, Undiagnosed Illness

Insomnia strikes again….

I wouldn’t mind so much this time except I’m depressed not manic and staring at the wall is just not that much fun and TV and film and books seem to have lost all attraction too.

I live with my partner so have to keep quiet too so can’t even pick up a guitar and play the blues….. 😦

I think I desperately need a “man-cave” but our 1-bed flat unfortunately can’t accommodate that…

Again trying not to be sad in public.

Some good news! I’m going away tonight to spend the weekend with one of my best friends in his new house in Glastonbury! We have a plan for the weekend and that is to play guitars, drums and keyboards and drink lots of beer. It’s a plan, Stan.

I’m hoping we may make some progress on my musical. – I have about three song structures so far and a cast list which I shall be detailing in following posts.


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