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Glastonbury isn’t for everyone….

I just spent a lovely Bank Holiday weekend with some dear friends who have a lovely house in Glastonbury. I was treated with HUGE consideration, hospitality and generosity.

Believe it or not, Glastonbury IS actually full of bloody hippies! Walking around the town centre by myself on May Day I never felt so alone or alien. Part of it’s my mood (obviously still feeling depressed) and part of it is just OMG….. 😉 talk about a time-warp or maybe I’m just getting old and jaded….

Perhaps Glastonbury has to be experienced with company to get the full experience… but I found it a bit of a parody of itself.

Or maybe I’m the one in danger of becoming a parody of myself? – Hmmmm – bit deep….

I love alternative cultures (and have been a part of quite a few over the years) but I think Glastonbury has its “true” heart of the people who embrace its beauty, freedom etc. and then there’s those who use its reputation for financial gain…

The town centre felt a tad like Camden Market in the 90’s….

Anyhoos, the weekend left me shattered so that’s it for now. Love & Peace to all man… xxxx


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