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Keeping your mouth shut…

Many people have problems with speaking in public but is the art of NOT talking an under-regarded skill?

I’ve long been known by friends and family for speaking without thinking and/or making inappropriate comments. Some people I’ve isolated completely with misguided words spoken too quickly. Looking back at past musings it’s apparent that this trait can apply to my writing too, I’ve stopped drinking to try and avoid this in future (it does help but not always)…

But is it just me? How many times have you said something only to be greeted by tumbleweeds and the silence of the tomb containing the conversation killed in cold blood?

Should we apologise for these “blurts” or just accept that that’s the way people are and it can’t be helped…

There are both pros and cons to these accidents. Many a truth and the exposure of a situation that needs to be aired can come out regardless of whether peoples feelings are hurt. Of course though, there is much that needn’t or shouldn’t be said too.

A friend of mine once said “never put in anything in writing” but society couldn’t function without the solidity of the evidence that paper and pen or keyboard provides. For example how much worth does a “verbal contract” have in a court of law?

“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”
― Benjamin Franklin

A perhaps glum view of peoples ability to keep secrets but maybe never a truer word spoken? Personally I cannot think of any one time I actually, beyond doubt, kept something entirely to myself. You always have the get out of jail free card of “strictly in confidence” to fall back on and the pressure imposed by being given a secret to hold can be unbearable.

Could it be that I’m writing this to ensure that people understand that I cannot be trusted and therefore should never be spoken to “strictly in confidence”?

Of course not, life would be very boring if you were never to hear of the things people wish to not to be known. Where’s the fun in that?

But what of Priests? Doctors? Lawyers? Aren’t they supposed to never utter word of things we tell them unless we give permission?

Ahhh but therein lies the rub, because all three professions rely on the the same oaths of of confidentiality they can therefore talk to each other supposedly with impunity, secure in the knowledge that they are equally bound by their promises.

And it only takes one bad apple….