Funnily enough I spent the morning reading other blogs about how to increase traffic to your site then just now received a post from WordPress letting me know that my stats are booming!

The advice I found on blog writing contained things like know/stick to your subject, don’t worry too much about your grammar, be conversational in your style, target your audience etc…

Hmmmm… Do I do those things? I suspect not. Looking back over previous posts there is a range of topics although right at the start I did write a lot about mental health; my experiences suffering and being diagnosed, angst, depression so forth and so on.

More recently I’ve tried to stay away from those subjects as I was starting to bore myself and worried that my audience may start feeling the same – too dark and depressing.

So I’ve tried to write about things that just “pop” into my head and found that that there are a lot of questions about life and the world in general that (for me anyway) remain unanswered and interest me as things to talk about.

This got me wondering about conversation in general and what DO people want to talk about?

Asking everyone in the world personally is obviously not possible so I thought I’d use something easier and look at  Facebook status updates as a resource for my research.

Hmmmm… (again). Not incredibly inspiring, I apologise if you find that offensive. It appears that among my friends the most popular things to let the world know about are (in no particular order) food & drink – what and where, babies, pets and the weather as well as an awful lot of reposting of articles from the Guardian, Independant etc about politics, terrorism and cuts to govt. budgets for just about everything. Thankfully music and comedy also get a look in.

Of course conversation face to face is a much more stimulating experience. You immediately get to see and hear peoples reactions and receive/give input and opinions that generates a fulfilling, interesting discussion. A roar of laughter beats a LOL and genuine concern means a lot more than an OMG.

It’s not a fresh opinion that social media and electronic communicaton is killing off the art of conversation but it worries me that maybe quantity rather than quality is lessening the value (and therefore the interest) in what people are saying.

By the way, I had ham, egg and chips for dinner last night…


2 thoughts on “What you talking ’bout Willis?

  1. Most conversations start with a complain, e.g., gee, sure is hot and go downhill from that. If talking about health, a tragedy, etc. then the game is, “Can you top this,” with subsequent stories that are “bigger and better” bad. I will stick with Rumi who said: “Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself, ‘Is it true?’ At the second ask, ‘Is it necessary?’ At the third gate ask ‘Is it kind?” I have gone from an excessive talker to one who prefers silence…though I can still bore yo with the best of them when I get started. Good write! hugs, pat

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