Before I start on this piece let me first say that it’s not intended as criticism of anyones use of the internet, mobile phones or in particular, Facebook. It’s merely commentary on what now seems like ingrained behaviour in this modern age.

Have you ever actually laughed your ass off? If usage of this phrase actually related to reality then I would buy shares in belt manufacturing companies.

Rolling on the floor laughing? Really? If everything posted on the internet were that funny surely no work would ever get done and the emergency rooms would be full of people suffering from injuries incurred by falling off chairs.

These acronyms can also cause huge confusion. My partner recently told me that FML (F**k My Life) puzzled her for weeks. FML? Flap My Lungs, Fierce Male Lion and Flaming Monkey Love were all considered as possibilites before a Facebook friend educated her.

Fortunately there is a resource available for the confounded. Check out for definitions, especially as new ones come into existence almost daily.

Because the internet is international; cultural and language differences also raise the bar when trying to communicate via electronic media. This is not wholly surprising though nor new. Even today the British and our “cousins” the Americans struggle to understand the different meanings of everyday words such as Punk, Fag and Trunk. Say the phrase “I’m dying for a fag” to a yank (sic) and they will look at you in a completely different light.

Age gaps can also be hard to cross when misunderstandings occur with the use of acronyms. Last year my partner was rushed into hospital with chest pains and kept in hospital for 48 hours. She updated her Facebook status from her bed via her smartphone and elicited the usual sympathetic comments from friends. Her aunt however commented LOL. WTF she thought? That’s not very nice! It later turned out that her aunt thought LOL stood for Lots Of Love…

On a final note, is everyone now religious? In these days of fanaticism, terroism and urgings of religious leaders to either obey a fatwa or love your brother the ubiquitous use of Oh My God seems to me a little strange and also a little pointless if you don’t actually have one.

Of course I’m not immune to use of acronyms. When we’re deluged with status updates, emails and texts there is a necessity to comment/reply as quickly as possible in order to acknowledge receipt or express our opinion.

On occasion I’m AFI… (All For It)


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