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Should you get what you want?

I hear a resounding ‘YES!’, ‘Of COURSE I should!’ across the blogosphere. ‘What a stupid question!?!’

But is it? If you had everything you want would you be happy? What would you strive for for? Why bother getting out of bed in the morning?

This post will probably be a little disjointed as new questions and thoughts keep popping into my head just trying to answer my own question.

Many people want to win the lottery but google ‘lottery winners who blew it all’ and whistle at the results – it varies from country to country but many of the stories end with a home-made noose and/or people living in misery on state benefits.

When at school studying economics I was taught about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


This is a model of what human beings purportedly need in order to have a happy, fulfilling life within a community.

Please note the absence of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, fast cars, Louboutins, chocolate, swimmings pools, S&M pornography etc etc.

So why aren’t we happy with just the basics? Why are we always looking for more and better and often disgruntled when we don’t get them?

Could it be that human beings are just basically greedy, jealous bastards that nothing is ever good enough for and never will be?

Or is it that we are pleasure driven and crave the good feelings that things outside of the needs model don’t provide?

Toughie isn’t it. I have been homeless in the past and am grateful that I now have a secure roof over my head, my own bed to sleep in and food in the cupboard. The NHS looks after my health needs (which are many), I’m in a stable relationship and the internet, reading & writing, music etc fulfill many of the top level of needs.

There are still gaps in my own hierachy of needs but hopefully time will help plug them (as well as increased blog readership – nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

According to Lennon-McCartney “All you need is love” but according to Maslow going for a good s**t rates as much more important 😉

So I WANT to hear what you think! Is there anyone out there that is truly happy with what they’ve got or do you all want more, more, MORE…