I like to think of myself as being generally tolerant, young at heart, fun etc. etc. but there is another Carl and he’s a grumpy old sod.

Are you actually getting/thinking/behaving older than you think you are? Do you find yourself ‘sounding’ like your parents? Check my list below and see if you can tick any of the boxes…

1) Doctors and policeman look too young to be doing their jobs.

2) You say hello back to the news-readers and weather forecasters on TV when they introduce themselves.

3) You’re glad you’re short-sighted so you can’t see all the grey hair on the floor after it’s been cut.

4) Car stereos and loud music (played by other people) drive you crazy.

5) You will make any excuse NOT to go to a night-club and if perchance you should find yourself in one you actually go to the toilet often to pee rather than ‘do a line’.

6) You are prescribed statins and/or blood pressure medication.

7) All your t-shirts are too small/tight.and no-one knows who the bands are.

8) You still own VHS tapes (and occasionally watch them)

9) You won’t eat a donor kebab

10) Instead of rushing to the cinema to see the new release by your favourite franchise/actor you’re prepared to wait until you can download it and watch in the comfort of your own home.

11) Neighbours holds no interest for you but you won’t miss an episode of Coronation Street.

12) You play Words With Friends rather than Candy Crush Saga.

13) Shoes – you go for comfort rather than style. (I actually wear a pair now handed down by my father and I love them)

14) You think almost all new music is crap.

15) You have to keep using more seasoning and spice on your food else you can’t taste it.

16) Hair grows in weird places.

17) You think about writing a ‘Letter to the Editor’ of a broad-sheet.

18) You actually look at the supplements in the papers.

19) You consider booking a cruise instead of Ibiza and consider the advantages of an onboard doctor and pharmacy should your bunions/piles play up.

20) You start eating All-Bran instead of Sugar Puffs.

21) You see more sunrises than sunsets. (Because you’re getting up earlier instead of staggering home and struggling to put the key in the door)

22) You’re not upset about being the ‘Designated Driver’.

23) You’ll buy slippers and socks rather than waiting until Christmas.

24) You worry about EVERY ache and pain.

25) The garden actually has flowers in it instead of vomit.

How did you score? Of course these things do not necessarily mean you are stuck in your ways or old-fashioned or conservative. They’re merely the consequences of growing older and fighting it can often result in looking silly and/or cause you great physical pain.

I might be wearing my dad’s shoes and have to pluck my nose hair but I still enjoy a good Batman comic too.


2 thoughts on “Are you a fuddy-duddy?

  1. #14 applies for sure. Name me 5 bands who 1)n write their own music 2) all play an instrument 3) started after 2013. I mean formed after not recorded after. See? Who would have guessed that “Rock and Roll will never die” could one day be described as “just a Neil Young Pipe .dream” since it’s now such a screaming reality. Someone who years for an Allman Brothers or Led Zepplin or AC/DC or Patti Smith or Billy Bragg or Jimi Hendrix lead, and who had to explain to his 9 year old about the Rolling Stone, before, during and after their recent Raleigh concert is not a fuddy duddy for hating most of the Simon-Cowell Produced, “I can sing only” marshmellow, not a single word of anti-establishment phooey that passes for music once conservative SONY got their hands on Columbia Records, etc.


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