Any of you Star Wars fans? I am and own all the films, although admittedly the first (last) three are not my favourites. I’m also excited about the next one, The Force Awakens, which is going to be less CGI and will have many of the original cast in it.

The reason for writing this piece is that whilst I’ve long known that ‘od’ was a playable word in Words With Friends I never bothered to actually find out what it meant. Fortunately WWF has recently introduced a dictionary feature which displays the meanings of words that either you or your opponent play.

noun: od
  1. a hypothetical power once thought to pervade nature and account for various scientific phenomena.

Sound familiar?

I’m not religious but would describe myself as spiritual. I’ve long believed in the possibility of a life ‘force’ that exists in all living things and doesn’t dissipate or cease to exist after death. Whether it’s absorbed or reallocated I wouldn’t be able to say. Nor do I know if your consciousness or sense of ‘self’ continues on.

If pushed on the subject of religion I would have to state myself as an atheist rather than agnostic. I like to think I have a very open mind but also like to hedge my bets. I won’t deny the possibility of a god any more than I do the existence of extraterrestrials.

When it comes to filling out the ubiquitous ‘equal opportunites’ forms that we are so often requested to do, I usually put ‘other’ by the religion question but on occasion like to put ‘Jedi’. It’s never been commented upon.

May the Od be with you…


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