Walking to the local shop this morning (to buy eggs, bread and tobacco since you ask), I saw a very nice car with a bent aerial. Obviously perpetrated by someone pissed up (that’s drunk for american readers) on their way home.

The streets of London are full of these petty acts of vandalism on a Sunday morning.and no doubt ruin any good feelings someone may have on what may be their only day of rest.

Of course these little (and sometimes large) ‘things that annoy us’ can happen at any time but the end result is the same – we get angry, frustrated, sad and upset and little bits of our soul are chipped away. Then our own tolerance and respect for others reduces and we pass on these negative feelings – the owner kicks the dog who bites the cat who eats the mouse…

This constant erosion of the bed-rock of our being can have drastic results. We’re all familiar with the saying ‘The straw that broke the camel’s back’.

Everyone has their breaking point (except maybe the Dalai Lama?) and the actions taken by some far outweigh the minor annoyance/s that finally causes it – murder, violence, mayhem etc.

It’s the power of the cumulative effect of all these ‘small’ things that the perpertrators don’t take into account – my upstairs neighbours struggle to understand why I get so upset when they play loud music in the early hours of the morning.

Now, once, twice even three times a month I could live with. But, it’s usually that number each and every week! But they don’t get it. In their minds they think it’s ‘alright’ and their ‘right’ to get drunk, stoned and shout and dance around at three in morning even though it’s in their kitchen with wooden floors directly above our bedroom.

I’m just giving this as an example because they don’t appreciate the consequences of their actions. I can’t wait to see the expression on their faces when I cut down their front door with a chainsaw and blow up their stereo with a twelve bore…

Is it too much to ask that everyone tries to act with some consideration for others? The net result could be awesome. Think of the lowering of domestic violence, cheaper insurance and the health results gained from lower blood pressure just for starters.

I’m not a religious guy, (or a saint myself), just someone who doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in jail for  for murder…


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