It’s fine when others say that you’re a great person, or talented, or funny or just generally fantastic.

So why not when you say it yourself?

This behaviour is generally frowned upon. You shouldn’t ‘Blow your own trumpet’, don’t be a such a ‘big head’.

Even God disapproves – ‘The meek shall inherit the earth’.

The one time we are encouraged to ‘big ourselves up’ is the job interview. But many people will sit and squirm uncomfortably when that fatal question is asked – Why do you think you should get the job?

Do we find it so hard to extol our own virtues because we are told all our lives not to?

Constant exposure can help with getting yourself noticed. Unknown bands will take any gig going (even the crummiest of venues) just to get heard and on the off-chance an A&R man might be there. I try to blog daily so as many people as possible will see my work and to try and enhance my reputation and skill as a write. (Sorry, Writer!)

So, there is a case for self-promotion. You can’t rely on the winds of chance to blow fortune your way. If you don’t showcase your work and encourage others to notice it (and you personally) then you are doomed to failure (at least in your own lifetime). Many great writers and artists only had their genius and value recognised post-mortem but what good did it do them then?

Not everyone wants or needs their 15 minutes of fame or the accolades of their peers. Many are happy to live their lives in the shadows (sic) and never have to worry about ‘getting noticed’ or where they are in the charts or receiving an Emmy.

Acknowledgement of achievement or value is incredibly important to our development as people though. For some it’s a promotion or bonus or award. Our children also receive encouragement through ‘Gold Stars’ at kindergarten or primary school and will parade them proudly when home. These things encourage them to achieve more and work harder.

What do you want to be able to say you’re brilliant at? Being a good mother/father or do you secretly hope to win a Nobel Prize?

I used to want to be in a world famous band then crossover into acting and be in a blockbuster.

Now I’ve set my sights lower. I just want everyone to know I’m an accomplished writer and have a best-selling novel.

I’ve learnt to eat some humble pie and accept my lot in life….


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