Don’t you hate it? (Waking up grumpy that is)

It also brings down the mood of everyone around you.

Sometimes there’s no explanation for why a bad mood afflicts you from the first second you open your eyes. Maybe you had a restless nights sleep and didn’t get fully rested, possibly you had a disturbing dream that stayed with you?

Whilst discussing this situation this morning (I’m in an absolutely vile mood by the way), my partner told me of how she didn’t speak to an ex-boyfriend for TWO days because she dreamt that he had an affair.

Have you ever physically attacked the person you share a bed with in your sleep? I’ve hit, kicked and even attempted to strangle monsters, muggers and terrorists only waking to find an extremely unhappy bed-mate the next day. (I don’t get breakfast in bed those days I can tell you!)

Often the prospect of having to tackle an unpleasant task that day will downgrade your demeanour. Or if you’re nervous about a big event, a job interview perhaps? – which is ironic because that’s the one time you have to appear pleasant – unless you’re applying for a job as an enforcer for a gang-land boss or maybe a pantomime villain?

What can you do to alleviate this negative behaviour? A lot of the time absolutely nothing will help and you just have to wait  until the grumpiness dissipates. Food can help. Some people have to be left every morning until they’ve had their first cup of coffee and a cigarette before even saying a polite ‘Good Morning’ to them. I’ve learnt my lesson with that one and keep ‘my trap shut’ for at least half an hour (sometimes more) every day…

I attended an NLP course many years ago (Tony Robbins – Unleash The Power if you’re interested) and was taught this technique. When you roll out of your pit, you should immediately stand up straight, cross your arms across your chest then fling them out as far as you can, at the same time shouting ‘YES!’. Repeat three times, each time increasing the volume of your shout. – WARNING – If you’re staying with your parents you may get strange looks at the breakfast table as they’ll suspect you’ve been having vigorous sex under ‘their’ roof…

Does it work? Sometimes. I’ll tell one thing for sure . It doesn’t half piss off your neighbours. Now THAT puts me in a good mood. 😉


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