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Why I read right-wing blogs…

The world of blogging is immense. There’s material from every walk of life. Every political opinion. Every religious belief. Every style of cooking…

So do/can you read everything that’s available?

Many prefer to stick with their own ideologies and interests and will follow select blogs that suit  They will also avoid topics that may be uninteresting or actually offensive.

I prefer serendipity. I end up following blogs that catch my attention through a good title or because the author has followed or ‘Liked’ one of mine.

Do I always like what I find? No, of course not.

But will I unfollow or refuse to read, even if the content is objectionable or even repulsive?

No. I like to stay informed and be aware of what people around the world are thinking, saying and doing.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer – Sun-Tzu – The Art of War

Does this make me a fascist or put me at risk of being radicalised? I would prefer to think not. IMHO I’m intelligent and moral enough to be able to resist being swayed by others beliefs or ideologies.

So why to I subject myself to text that may make me sick to the stomach?

Knowledge is power. – Sir Francis Bacon .

How can you fight what you don’t know exists? Is it enough to simply ignore the distasteful or is it better and wiser to turn the stone and see what lies beneath it now matter how slimy it may be.

For me it’s the latter but then again I have quite a strong stomach.

My daughter is severely disabled (blind and autistic) and therefore vulnerable. The pressure to ignore the possibility of a carer being a paedophile is very strong. However, I won’t avoid reading about the disgusting motivations and behaviour of these people (and what they do to disguise it) because I believe that if I’m informed then I stand a better chance of spotting a possible risk.

So, write what you want but don’t be fooled that thinking only people of a like mind will read it.

I’ll still come and kick your ass….