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Is that gun loaded?

The ‘innocent’ remark that shoots you in the foot.

The hole you dug (that you then dropped yourself in).

That ‘Doh!’ moment.

I am constantly bemused how much damage we can do to ourselves without thinking. (Both socially and physically)

Of course the fault lies with our brains. – They’re just too damn fast!

The reason that I started thinking about this is because of all the writing I’ve been doing recently. Because I’m putting my work into the public domain, I need to constantly think about and then revise sentences and statements before finally allowing them to be seen. In effect, I have a ‘rewind’ button.

One of the worlds greatest philosophers once made this classic observation –

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. –¬†David Beckham

Pondering more, it’s not just the spoken word. The internet is crammed with examples of the classic text or email sent without thinking. (I don’t include auto-correct mistakes here, they can be justified)

Instead, I refer more to the ones that contain statements like ‘Isn’t (Insert name) a t**t!’ sent to the company distribution list or the ‘Can’t wait to **** your ****** tonight!’ sent to the wife instead of the mistress….

The media is currently full of the news that someone has hacked the Ashley Madison website (where people wanting to have an affair can look for willing participants) and is now threatening to publish the details. Oh how I wonder how much those people wished they hadn’t slipped their bullet into that chamber!

Does make me giggle. 37,890,000 ‘anonymous’ members all shaking in their shoes waiting for the axe to fall.

Toilet roll manufacturers must be rubbing their hands in glee.

I can afford to laugh.

I cancelled my account last year…