I’ve NEVER been good at accepting criticism.

Oh, yes, I may nod and agree (I suffer from VERY selective hearing!) but rest assured, criticise me and you’ve just earn’t a place on my ‘Mortal Enemy List’.

Amy: Now Sheldon, I know you’re a left handed monkey wrench but you seriously have a mortal enemy?
Sheldon: Yes, in fact I have 61. Would you like to see the list?

– Big Bang Theory – Season 5, Episode 5

But! It turns out there is an exception to the rule.

Since starting writing, publicly in these blogs and also in ‘secret’ with my novel, I’ve found that not only can I accept criticism/advice but even seek it out!

This is a huge step forward for me and, difficult though it may be, I think it’s making me a better person. – N.B. That’s not admittance that I wasn’t perfect already!

So, feel free to take advantage of this and point out those faults in me you’ve always wanted to!

But be warned…

There’s still room on the list…


One thought on “I’m asking for it…

  1. 🙂 Be careful what you wish for. Here is a poem about criticism:

    C reates resistance
    R ight is often a matter of opinion
    I nstead, offer positive feedback
    T ell what you like, not what you don’t like
    I nvest in this person, love them as they are
    C ritize me at your own risk
    I ntrospection is better than criticism
    S miles work magic
    M aybe the finger should point at you

    I love what you write. It makes me stop and think and even ponder at times. hugs, pat

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