Now I’m not talking about the desire of the younger sibling to also get whatever the older brother/sister wants.

I’d like an ice-cream Daddy

Ooh, Me too! Me too!

No. I’m referring to the phenomenon of the ‘much worse’ illness, accident or fate that everyone else seems to have either suffered first, or be currently suffering, to a greater extent when something nasty befalls you.

It can be minor.

I’ve got a stinking cold. It’s horrible.

Ooh, me too! It’s a real nasty one that’s going around.

It can be major.

I think the bank’s going to foreclose on our mortgage.

Ooh, me too! We’re really skint this month.

It can be ridiculous.

My head fell off last week and I caught leprosy.

Ooh, me too! Don’t you hate it when that happens?

There’s a very common platitude.

There’s always someone worse off than you.

It’s true! Apparently I’m talking to them…



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