Because I like almonds.

Get it? Probably only if you’re British. I don’t know if they have the chocolate bar Topic in other countries. I’m sure someone will enlighten me.

I remember the upset caused when Marathon became Snickers (damn you to hell Mars Inc! –  owned by Americans). And Dime Bars became Daim Bars (damn you to hell Kraft Foods – an American company, quelle surprise…)

Is this globalisation of Brands a good thing? I suppose it must be for the manufacturing companies who can spend less on advertising and just translate the languages. We’re getting quite used to ‘dubbed’ ads now being shown on our screens and occasionally they’re quite entertaining. – ‘Oh Monsieur, how you spoil us with these Ferrero Rocher!’ (sic)

Did you think Mars Bar was an English product? It was! First manufactured in Slough in 1932. BUT invented by Forrest Mars, son of American Frank C. Mars. – Pfffttt.

Are they smaller than they used to be? YES! In the second half of 2008, Mars UK reduced the size of regular bars from 62.5 g to the current 58 g.

Do we care? Up to you.

Enough work. I’m off to rest and play now…


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