When I have toast I normally slather it with Marmite or cover it thick slices of cheese. (I’ve hyper-linked these to Wiki as I have an international readership and can’t assume everyone will know what these two food-stuffs are.)

On occasion I will make a toast sandwich with whatever’s available in the fridge (usually in the early hours of the morning when I can’t sleep because of a rumbling tummy. (Again Wiki link)

This has resulted in interesting combinations such as humus and pate with hot sauce. Marmite AND cheese with hot sauce. Jam and salt and vinegar crisps and hot sauce.

I like hot sauce.

Some of you will be feeling slightly nauseous at this point?

Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that last night there was nothing I could find for my toast because our on-line shopping wasn’t due until today. I had no option than to resort to plain toast with butter…

And it was delicious! I could taste the brownness? of the bread. The creaminess and slight saltiness of the butter. I masticated each bite slowly and savoured each mouthful. Mmmm…

Little bit of a lie there. We actually use olive spread but you know what I mean.

Anyway just having that toast and butter reminded me that sometimes the simplest things can be the best and to always add ‘more’ can be a mistake.

Next time I’m hungry and want something ‘special’ to treat my stomach I may just have three slices of bread instead of two.

Less can be more and more of less can be even better.

I may still add hot sauce though…


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