I had a BRILLIANT idea last night! I would have all five dragons behind me and become a multi-millionaire overnight – if only the technology existed…

It came from a combination of catching a programme about benefits cheats yesterday evening and having a doctor’s appointment re undiagnosed, random pain in my arm and shoulder this morning.

What if there were a device that could allow the doctor to experience (however briefly) the symptoms of whatever it is that you’re suffering?

Think of the time saved in diagnosing the cause! Think of the money saved by being able to spot the frauds!

That is not whiplash…

That is not constant back-pain

That is not a persistent head-ache

You can obviously walk unaided

And of course the truth…

Bloody hell, that DOES hurt when you pee!

I think our top scientists should get on this one immediately.

I want someone to believe me!


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