Prepare for a rant (and a bit of comedy).

I (and many others) have had a contract with Virgin Media for phone, broadband and TV services for a number of years. I’ve also been in a relationship with my partner for around the same time.

Now we had to make the decision earlier this year to leave Virgin and transfer to Sky because the cable down the road had been damaged due to earth beneath the surface collapsing. They promised to fix it but over 6 months later this had not been done. Therefore they could not provide the service we had bought and could not fulfill the contract we had agreed.

Clear enough you’d might think?

This can be compared to a relationship you have with another person whether it be marriage or boyfriend/girlfriend, boyfriend/boyfriend, girlfriend/girlfriend, whatever floats your boat. You trade fidelity for benefits gained from sharing costs, holidays, bed etc.

Now. If the relationship has to end – because you move to an area where the service cannot be provided or the expected benefits are withdrawn for a reason not of your making, you would not expect to be punished financially for termination of the contract (with the exception of divorce obviously).

NOT if you’re with Virgin Media. They expect you to pay them for not being able to provide you with the service you contracted for even though it’s their fault! True even if you have gone past the initial 18 month period where can expect to be charged a leaving fee.

About £150 to be exact! Now imagine you cannot enjoy carnal relations with your partner because they have contracted an STD whilst cheating on you and then refuse to get treated. Or you buy a bigger, nicer house in a different area and they refuse to move because it’s too far from their Mum? How would you feel if they then expect to be paid for the ‘privilege’ of having to leave them?

Go and have a look at the Visitor Posts on the left-hand side of the this page – – you will be left with an open mouth when you see the complaints about exactly this kind of thing.

We’ve all got the same feeling about Richard Branson’s company –

Screw you Virgin!


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