A poem inspired by one of my favorite songs from a previous existence – just younger, I don’t think I’m an older spirit reincarnated, (Although I wouldn’t mind coming back so maybe this is my first life?)

The song is In Like Flynn by Girls Against Boys from their album Venus Luxure No.1 Baby – you can listen to it on Spotify here – 

or YouTube here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyWhuKMlupo

I would really advise reading the poem WHILST listening to the track – I think it’s a good combined experience but that’s probably just me (and my big head..) 😉


by Carl Baumann

Go In Like Flynn

not an old has-been

Go In Like Flynn

not a too Gentle Insider Losing Faith

bringing decay from within

Go In Like Flynn

bring strength not excuses

don’t Give Into Lack lustre Frauds

remember your Fight

don’t Give Into Lying Fright

at your reflection

Giving Into Life’s Frictions

Instead take heart

and break the mirror

Go In Like Flynn

Or not. Up to you…


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