Does anyone ever win an argument?

Sure you can win, that is, you can come away with a sense of winning but have you really?

I don’t think I’ve ever won an argument where I came away feeling like a winner. Sure, I’ve had fleeting feelings of self-satisfaction or righteousness but these soon fade and then I’ve had to deal with interacting with the loser

People aren’t good losers. I’m not even sure such a thing exists. When I’ve lost I have long harbored bad feelings and resentment towards the winner and even myself (for allowing myself to lose).

Arguments require the participants to be fundamentally convinced they are right which gives them the strength and desire to prove and justify the reasons for their convictions.

I believe in God

You’re an idiot. There’s no proof God exists

What do you mean? The proof is all around us!

No. What’s ‘all around us’ is that hideous wallpaper you chose.

Exactly! God created that wallpaper

Then God’s an idiot. And blind.

The cost of having an argument is not always inflicted upon just the participants. Our neighbors could compete in the Olympics for arguing. Their tactics do not involve the use of logic or presenting well thought-out reasons for why they are right.

Oh no. Only two tactics are employed in this sport – Volume and Repetition. The one who can shout the same thing for the longest and the loudest is the winner.

Do ya hear me now? Do ya hear me now? DO YA HEAR ME NOW?

YES! That’s all we can bloody hear!

Funnily enough, they both get the same prize! They both get to stomp around as long as they can above our bedroom or living room calling the other a stupid ‘something’. The prize often lasts much longer than the actual argument.

In fact, I think it’s a lifetime award….



4 thoughts on “The fine sport of arguing…

  1. I first smiled at this as your way of writing always makes me laugh, but then the more I thought about it, the more I realized how very important your point is. I will stay with this idea and give it much thought. One thing I realized some time ago is that it is ok to agree to disagree. I always felt compelled to change the other person’s mind until I finally got mature enough to understand that we do not, in fact, can not, should not, agree on everything. Duh! “Why am I arguing?” Gonna’ keep asking this question. Thanks for this piece of wisdom. hugs, pat

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