I’m outraged.

I love cheese. All types of cheese. Hard, soft, blue, cream, processed, French, Italian, Swiss, British etc.

I don’t care where it comes from. Cows, goats, even pigs at a push. I will draw the line at human cheese. As long as it tastes of something and curds and whey are involved in the manufacturing process then it gets my vote.

BUT, Philadelphia (made by Kraft Foods) have taken a step too far. They’ve added a new ingredient – AIR for crying out loud. How dare they!

AND! They’re charging more for it, for LESS! – What the hell?

They have decided to ‘whip’ one of my favorite cream cheeses, therefore making it ‘fluffy’ and supposedly even more delicious. You can even buy it with chocolate added. (Bleh)

Get this. For a small carton of ‘normal’ Philadelphia the price is £1.85 for 180g. The new small ‘whipped’ size is £2.00 for 140g. I could do the math to show the percentage difference of how much we’re getting ripped off but I’m too angry.

The only different ingredient? – Nitrogen – the largest component of air at nearly 80%.

Now please tell me if I’m but wrong but unless I’m sorely misinformed we are not yet charged for breathing air. We are now charged for it’s use as an ingredient of food.

Crisps – larger bags but same number or less of actual chips – more air.

Bottled pancake mix – you have to add eggs and milk. So what you’re really paying for is flour and salt (the only other ingredients needed). So what is in the rest of the handy, time/effort saving bottle? Oh yeah – air!

I think something needs to done. Before some wily corporation finds a way to copyright air and charge us a premium for the privilege of ‘staying alive’.

I’m seething. It literally takes my breath away…


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