This isn’t another article about growing older (some of these can apply to an 18 year old as much as an 80 year old) but my partner and I did have a laugh discussing these this morning. It was inspired by this post on Ordinary Average Thoughts, a blog I follow.

  1. Make a paper aeroplane that will actually fly.
  2. Leave the house in your batman/superman/spiderman outfit/pajamas.
  3. Run for the ice-cream van (unless you’re 100% sure no-one else will see you).
  4. Barge your way to the front of the queue for a roller-coaster.
  5. Skip down the road (without a rope)
  6. Jump in a puddle.
  7. See if your whole fist will fit in your mouth.
  8. Ask someone why their nose is so big. (or point out other obvious flaws)
  9. Be absolutely convinced that a wrapped Xmas present IS what you asked for.
  10. Tell someone you DON’T love the present they gave they you.

Food for thought? I’m sure there are loads more. Ideas/suggestions welcomed.

Alternatively I dare you to do/try any of the first eight (Unless it’s your birthday in which case I dare you to do number 10)


3 thoughts on “10 things you won’t/can’t do. (Anymore)

  1. Love the topic. My contribution: you can’t leave in the middle of a diner saying “I go poop” to the other guests. I mean, you still can but you sure won’t collect the same tender/understanding smiles anymore…

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