Last night a FaceBook friend told me a secret that she would prefer a certain group of people don’t know. (I suspect she will eventually let that cat out of the bag herself  but I have to mention it here because she’ll be checking.)

Because I do have a bit of a conscience (allegedly) I thought it only fair to announce some guilty secrets of my own… – Only one of them is a lie. I wonder if you can guess which.

  1. I absolutely love Girls Aloud
  2. I always cry when I watch The Snowman and the Snowdog.
  3. I’ve been in a photobook of ‘Mangina’s’
  4. I have a Tea Or No Tea mug with a picture of Noel Edmonds.
  5. I once lied about being able to play tennis so I could get paid for teaching it to Under-Eights.
  6. I follow blogs written in languages I don’t understand just so they’ll follow me back.
  7. The fingerprint I use to activate the biometric security scanner on my laptop isn’t my own.
  8. I have ‘done’ kite surfing but I never managed to get up on the board.
  9. Same goes for windsurfing.
  10. I can never, ever, write ‘unnecessary’, ‘unbelievable’ or ‘succeed’ correctly without having to use spell-checker.

Glad I got all that off my chest. Your turn!



2 thoughts on “Guilty Secrets….

    1. Totally true. I was working as a swimming coach (which I am qualified to do) in Hong Kong and was asked if I could take over a minor’s tennis club for a fellow coach who was sick. ‘No problem!’ I said. I was very young (18/19) and therefore could rule the world if asked. Plus the money was great. Basically I just baby-sat the kids while they bashed balls (and themselves) around for 45 minutes. They told their parents I was the best coach ever and I got the gig for the whole summer! Suffice it to say none of them ever made it to Wimbledon. 😉

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