Last night we found it difficult to get to sleep. We didn’t feel comfortable. Something was wrong. We were both tense and had a feeling something was very, very wrong. There was a sense of impending doom. Something amiss. Not quite – right. Was there a cat in the room? Perhaps a snake or a spider? Could we subconsciously smell smoke? Was there an intruder outside the door clutching a knife or a chainsaw?


Finally we worked it out…

It was TOO quiet…

Now, we live on a busy road in Central London. On the edge of Peckham, scene of urban riots and crime – well known home of Del and Rodney (The Nags Head is only a five minute walk away). We’re also very close to Kings College Hospital with the busiest A&E department in Europe. We are underneath the flightpath of three airports and a helipad. The fire station is just around the corner. We can see the local train station. Our neighbors fall into the ‘nightmare’ category. In other words – it’s busy…

Last night (Saturday night) – nothing. Nada. Zilch. No loud music from passing cars or nearby parties. No sirens. No rolling drunks walking past. No aeroplanes passing overhead. No dogs barking or cats going ‘allo, ‘allo looking for a romantic liaison. No kids screaming.

It was unsettling and nerve-wracking. We were both in cold sweats. What to do? How on earth could we go to sleep with all this silence?

In the end it was easy. The solution was right in front of us.

We put the TV on and fortunately there was a repeat of The Jeremy Kyle Show followed by Jerry Springer.

Problem solved.


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